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Fresh produce

Our Products

Shanghai Bok choy 1.jpg

Shanghai Bok Choy

Ch. leek 1.jpg


Spinach 1.jpg



Bok Choy

Yu choy 1.jpg

Yu Choy

Ch. cauliflower 1.jpg


in. bittermelon 1.jpg

In. Bittermelon

Ch. bittermelon 1.jpg

Ch. Bittermelon

Thai Guava 1.jpg

Thai Guava

Ch. longan 1.jpg

Ch. Longan

Dragon Fruit White  1.jpg

Dragon Fruit White

Dragon Fruit Yellow 1.jpg

Dragon Fruit Yellow

Lychee 1.jpg


Korean melon  1.jpg

Korean Melon

American Okra 1.jpg

A. Okra

Korean Yam 1.jpg

Korean Yam

King Oyster 1.jpg

King Oyster Mushroom

Tahi basil 1.jpg

Thai Basil

Ch. eggplant 1.jpg

Ch. Eggplant

Our Mission

Our mission is “To provide cost-effective and reliable wholesale produce solutions with industry-leading customer service to the local community.” As our customers demand high levels of quality and reliable supply, we do our best to exceed their expectations by sourcing the best quality products at a reasonable price, delivering to the customer with freshness and improving our services. We are committed to excellence and serving our customers with the highest standards for customer satisfaction.

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